Contree Manoir Apartments was a great place to live. I rented an apartment for 3 years. It is very quiet and is kept very clean. I would recommend Contree Manoir to others.


I lived at Contree Manoir Apartments for my first place on my own. Being close to all the shopping was great and the other tenants were very friendly. It was a nice, quiet place to live.


Being a single mother with a child I wanted a place I felt was safe and secure. Contree Manoir has been great to me and my daughter. We feel very safe and know if we need anything it is just a phone call away.
~Sue & Rachel


As a professional it was important to me to find an apartment that was quiet and clean. Of all the places I have lived Contree Manoir Apartments would have to be my top pick. The property and owners really do care and take exceptional care of both the property and the tenants.


Living on my own as a retired person I wanted a place that I felt comfortable in with no worries. Contree Manoir Apartments has been a true blessing for me. It has been a truly great place to live.